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Bluesky: A Decentralized Social Network for the Future - Download the App and Join the Movement

Download Blue Sky App: The New Social Network That Challenges Twitter

If you are looking for a fresh and exciting alternative to Twitter, you might want to check out Blue Sky App. This is a new social network that is backed by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and aims to create a decentralized and open source standard for social media. In this article, we will explain what Blue Sky App is, how to use it, and why you should join it.

What is Blue Sky App?

Blue Sky App is a conceptualized by Jack Dorsey and developed in parallel with Twitter. The social network has a Twitter-like user interface with algorithmic choice, a federated design and community-specific moderation. Blue Sky App is using an open source framework built in-house, the , meaning people outside of the company have transparency into how it is built and what is being developed.

download blue sky app


The history and vision of Blue Sky App

Dorsey introduced the Blue Sky project back in 2019 while he was still Twitter CEO. At the time, he said Twitter would be funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers, charged with building a decentralized standard for social media, with the original goal that Twitter would adopt this standard itself. But that was before Elon Musk bought the platform, so as of late 2022, Blue Sky is completely divorced from Twitter. Dorsey has even to express his dismay with Musks leadership.

The vision of Blue Sky is to create a social network that is not controlled by any single entity or platform, but rather by the users themselves. This would allow for more freedom, diversity, and innovation in the social media space, as well as more accountability and transparency. Dorsey has said that he believes that a decentralized internet is ultimately a more credible internet.

The features and benefits of Blue Sky App

Blue Sky App has a similar look and feel to Twitter, but with some key differences. Some of the features and benefits of Blue Sky App are:

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  • You can create a handle that is represented as or use your own domain name as your username (e.g.,

  • You can post up to 256 characters, which can also include photos. You can also reply, retweet, like, report, share, or copy posts.

  • You can search for and follow other users, and view their updates in your Home timeline.

  • You can choose from different algorithms to customize your timeline according to your preferences and interests.

  • You can join or create different communities that have their own rules and moderators. You can also switch between different communities easily.

  • You can access the source code of the app and contribute to its development. You can also fork the app and create your own version of it.

How to use Blue Sky App?

Blue Sky App is still in beta and invite-only, so you will need an invitation code to join it. Here are some steps on how to use Blue Sky App once you get an invite:

How to get an invite to Blue Sky App

There are two main ways to get an invite to Blue Sky App:

  • Request an invite from the official website at You will need to enter your email address and wait for a confirmation email.

  • Get an invite from an existing user who has spare invites. You can ask around on other social networks or forums where Blue Sky users hang out, such as Reddit, Discord, or Telegram.

Once you have an invite code, you can download the app from the website or the app store and enter the code to create your account.

How to create and customize your profile on Blue Sky App

After you create your account, you can edit your profile by tapping on your avatar in the top left corner of the app. You can then:

  • Choose a username and a display name. Your username is your unique identifier on the network, while your display name is how you want to appear to others.

  • Upload a profile picture and a cover photo. You can choose from the default options or upload your own images.

  • Write a bio that describes who you are and what you are interested in. You can also add links to your website or other social media accounts.

  • Select your preferred language and time zone. You can also enable or disable notifications and dark mode.

How to post, interact, and discover content on Blue Sky App

To post something on Blue Sky App, you can tap on the blue Compose button in the bottom right corner of the app. You can then:

  • Type your message in the text box. You can use hashtags, mentions, emojis, and links to add more context and flair to your post.

  • Add a photo by tapping on the camera icon. You can either take a new photo or choose from your gallery.

  • Select which community you want to post to by tapping on the globe icon. You can either post to the public timeline or to a specific community that you are a part of.

  • Tap on the Post button to publish your post.

To interact with other posts on Blue Sky App, you can:

  • Tap on the heart icon to like a post. This will show your appreciation and support for the post.

  • Tap on the chat icon to reply to a post. This will start a conversation with the original poster and other users who have replied.

  • Tap on the retweet icon to retweet a post. This will share the post with your followers and give credit to the original poster.

  • Tap on the ellipsis icon to access more options, such as report, share, or copy a post.

To discover new content and users on Blue Sky App, you can:

  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left corner of the app. This will open the Search tab, where you can search for keywords, hashtags, usernames, or domains.

  • Tap on the Explore tab in the top right corner of the app. This will show you trending topics, popular posts, and suggested users that you might be interested in.

  • Tap on the Communities tab in the top left corner of the app. This will show you all the communities that are available on Blue Sky App, as well as their descriptions and rules. You can join or create any community that suits your interests and preferences.

Why you should join Blue Sky App?

Blue Sky App is not just another social network. It is a revolutionary project that aims to change the way we communicate online. Here are some reasons why you should join Blue Sky App:

The advantages of a decentralized and open source social network

Unlike most social networks that are centralized and proprietary, Blue Sky App is decentralized and open source. This means that:

  • You have more control over your data and privacy. You can choose who can see your posts and how they are stored. You can also export or delete your data at any time.

  • You have more freedom of expression and diversity of opinion. You can post whatever you want without fear of censorship or manipulation by algorithms. You can also find and follow people who share your views or challenge them.

  • You have more opportunities for innovation and collaboration. You can access and contribute to the source code of the app and help improve it. You can also fork the app and create your own version of it with different features and functionalities.

The opportunities for innovation and collaboration on Blue Sky App

Blue Sky App is not just a social network, but also a platform for innovation and collaboration. By joining Blue Sky App, you can:

  • Learn from experts and influencers in various fields and industries. You can follow their updates, ask them questions, and get insights from their experiences.

  • Showcase your skills and talents to potential employers and clients . You can post your portfolio, resume, or testimonials on Blue Sky App and attract attention from potential opportunities.

Connect with like-minded people and collaborate on projects and ideas. You can join or create communities that match your interests and goals, and work together with other users on


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