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Bluesky: A Decentralized Social Network for the Future - Download the App and Join the Movement

Download Blue Sky App: The New Social Network That Challenges Twitter

If you are looking for a fresh and exciting alternative to Twitter, you might want to check out Blue Sky App. This is a new social network that is backed by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and aims to create a decentralized and open source standard for social media. In this article, we will explain what Blue Sky App is, how to use it, and why you should join it.

What is Blue Sky App?

Blue Sky App is a conceptualized by Jack Dorsey and developed in parallel with Twitter. The social network has a Twitter-like user interface with algorithmic choice, a federated design and community-specific moderation. Blue Sky App is using an open source framework built in-house, the , meaning people outside of the company have transparency into how it is built and what is being developed.

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The history and vision of Blue Sky App

Dorsey introduced the Blue Sky project back in 2019 while he was still Twitter CEO. At the time, he said Twitter would be funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers, charged with building a decentralized standard for social media, with the original goal that Twitter would adopt this standard itself. But that was before Elon Musk bought the platform, so as of late 2022, Blue Sky is completely divorced from Twitter. Dorsey has even to express his dismay with Musks leadership.

The vision of Blue Sky is to create a social network that is not controlled by any single entity or platform, but rather by the users themselves. This would allow for more freedom, diversity, and innovation in the social media space, as well as more accountability and transparency. Dorsey has said that he believes that a decentralized internet is ultimately a more credible internet.

The features and benefits of Blue Sky App

Blue Sky App has a similar look and feel to Twitter, but with some key differences. Some of the features and benefits of Blue Sky App are:

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