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Pitbull Brings His Music and His Mission to Arizona with SLAM! School and Tour.

Pitbull Tap AZ: A New Charter School in Tempe Inspired by the Rapper

If you are looking for a unique and innovative educational option for your child, you might want to check out Pitbull Tap AZ, a new charter school in Tempe that is inspired by the rapper Pitbull. Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez, is not only a successful musician, but also a passionate advocate for education. He has founded several charter schools across the country under the name SLAM!, which stands for Sports Leadership and Management. His latest school, Pitbull Tap AZ, is set to open in August 2023 and will serve students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Here is everything you need to know about this exciting new school.

What is Pitbull Tap AZ?

Pitbull Tap AZ is a public charter school that is part of the SLAM! network, a nonprofit educational organization that represents 13 public charter schools in underrepresented communities. SLAM! schools use a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum and sports themes to prepare students for careers in sports medicine, media production and marketing. Pitbull founded SLAM! schools alongside Alex Tamargo and SLAM Foundation CEO Millie Sanchez. His first campus opened in 2012 in Little Havana, the neighborhood where he grew up in Miami.

pitbull tap az

The history and mission of Pitbull's SLAM! schools

Pitbull's SLAM! schools are based on his own personal experience of overcoming adversity and pursuing his dreams. He dropped out of high school at 16, but later earned his GED and became a global superstar. He wanted to give back to his community and inspire young people to achieve their potential. He said, "I think a lot of people look at giving back as a responsibility. I see it as an obligation. If you've been blessed to be able to be at a certain level in your life, a certain platform, then you should lead by example, and always give back. Living is giving.

The mission of SLAM! schools is to provide students with a rigorous academic program that integrates sports-related themes and prepares them for post-secondary success. The schools also aim to foster a positive school culture that promotes leadership, teamwork, respect, diversity, and social responsibility. According to the SLAM! website, "SLAM! students are empowered with essential skills that will enable them to graduate from high school ready for college or career."

The curriculum and sports theme of Pitbull Tap AZ

Pitbull Tap AZ will follow the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS) and use the EngageNY curriculum for math and English language arts. The school will also offer science, social studies, art, music, physical education, and Spanish classes. The school will use technology to enhance learning and provide students with access to laptops, tablets, smart boards, and online resources.

The school will also incorporate sports-related themes into its curriculum and activities. For example, students will learn about sports statistics, biomechanics, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, journalism, broadcasting, photography, videography, graphic design, advertising, branding, entrepreneurship, and more. Students will also have opportunities to participate in The location and partnerships of Pitbull Tap AZ

Pitbull Tap AZ will be located at 1938 E. Apache Blvd. in Tempe, Arizona. The school will occupy the building of the former Esperanza Community School, which closed in 2020 due to low enrollment and financial difficulties. The school will have a capacity of 300 students and will feature classrooms, a library, a computer lab, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, and a playground. The school will also have access to nearby sports facilities, such as the Tempe Sports Complex and the ASU Sun Devil Stadium.

Pitbull Tap AZ will also benefit from the partnerships that SLAM! has established with various sports organizations and professionals. For example, the school already has partnerships with NASCAR and the Arizona Coyotes. The school will also invite guest speakers, mentors, and coaches from the sports industry to inspire and educate the students. Pitbull himself may also visit the school occasionally to interact with the students and staff.

Why did Pitbull choose Arizona for his new school?

Pitbull has a special connection with Arizona, as he has performed in the state several times and has received a lot of support from his fans. He said, "Arizona has always been very good to me. They've always shown me a lot of love. They've always supported me through thick and thin.

Pitbull also saw an opportunity to bring his SLAM! vision to Arizona, as he recognized the need for more educational options and resources for the students and families in the area. He said, "I think Arizona is a great place to be able to open up a SLAM! because there's a lot of opportunity here. There's a lot of room for growth. There's a lot of room for people to be able to take advantage of what SLAM! has to offer.

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The benefits of having a SLAM! school in Tempe

Having a SLAM! school in Tempe will provide several benefits for the students and the community. Some of these benefits are:

  • Students will receive a high-quality education that is aligned with the state standards and prepares them for college and career readiness.

  • Students will develop skills and knowledge in STEM fields and sports-related careers that are in high demand and offer many opportunities.

  • Students will be exposed to diverse perspectives and cultures through the sports theme and the involvement of Pitbull and other celebrities.

  • Students will be motivated and engaged by the sports theme and the hands-on learning activities that make learning fun and relevant.

  • Students will be part of a positive school culture that promotes leadership, teamwork, respect, diversity, and social responsibility.

  • Students will have access to scholarships, internships, mentorships, and other resources that SLAM! provides through its partnerships.

  • The community will benefit from having more educational choices and opportunities for its children.

  • The community will also benefit from the economic impact and social impact that SLAM! brings through its events, activities, and collaborations.

The challenges and opportunities of Pitbull Tap AZ

As a new school, Pitbull Tap AZ will face some challenges and opportunities as it launches its operations. Some of these are:

  • The school will need to recruit enough students and staff to fill its capacity and meet its goals.

  • The school will need to establish its reputation and credibility among the parents, students, and stakeholders in the community.

  • The school will need to comply with all the regulations and requirements of the state and the charter authorizer.

  • The school will need to secure adequate funding and resources to support its programs and activities.

  • The school will need to overcome any potential resistance or skepticism from those who may not understand or appreciate its vision and mission.

  • The school will have the opportunity to showcase its unique model and approach to education and inspire other schools to follow suit.

  • The school will have the opportunity to collaborate with other SLAM! schools across the country and share best practices and experiences.

  • The school will have the opportunity to leverage Pitbull's influence and network to attract more attention and support for its cause.

  • The school will have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of its students and the community.

. How to enroll in Pitbull Tap AZ

If you are interested in enrolling you


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