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Chariton Noses
Chariton Noses

Stranded 2 Download ((FULL)) Massive Mod [REPACK]

An ambitious project, La Selva drops players in a massive jungle-themed map overflowing with detail. A visually amazing mod that will push lower-end machines to their limits, this download is just one of many Stranded Deep maps created by this modder, all of which can be sampled on the author's YouTube page.

Stranded 2 Download ((FULL)) Massive Mod


Unreal Tournament is a legendary franchise of a bygone era, even if it has cropped up more recently. Back on the PS3, it had a massive community backing it, and with a massive community comes a whole host of mods. However, in the PS3 entry Unreal Tournament 3, it was much more difficult to download mods than it is with current games and their extensive mod supports.


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