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Tell Me How I Die

The group finds Jerrems in a locked room but he refuses to let them in. He tells them that Pascal was the first participant to have visions, and so was used to test new variations of the drug. The drug was revealed to have a cumulative effect, and Pascal began to stop experiencing time as linear. He had a psychotic break and is now killing the participants in order to pressure Jerrems into committing suicide. Scratch has a vision of himself being stabbed, twice. As such, he is attacked by someone and stabbed. Marcus realizes that Pascal is likely to kill everyone in order to erase all traces of the drug. Thinking Anna's visions can't come true if she can't see them happening, he hits her and Den attacks him in retaliation. Marcus stabs himself during the fight and dies.

Tell Me How I Die

I wasn't a fan of the ending of the film one bit. As I'm typing this review, I still have so many questions unanswered. I guess the moral of the story from this film is that the future is inevitable, but did everything go exactly as planned for the "slasher"? Based on storytelling from the clinic's doctor, the "slasher" ultimately achieved his final goal. However, toward the end, Anna decided to do something very drastic in an attempt to change the outcome of her visions, were there any repercussions to her actions? The ending left so many questions unanswered that it almost makes no sense at all.

I actually thought it was cool how Pascal knew every outcome and even saw her new outcome because he saw she would take even more and see his first move lol. Didn't see that coming, and it was cool.However, I don't like that her overdose didn't give her an advantage somehow---but the worst part of the ending for me was that Pascal killed Scratch, Gambler dude forget his name and Kristen, attempted to kill Den we don't see if he dies the doctor and researcher, all the effing people whether they had the actual drug or placebo? And is literally standing right there to finish her and Den off, and he walks away while the ambulance is coming.So.... what is his reasoning for killing people with the placebo? (den being one of them) wouldn't he go after HER more than Den?? And then at the end try to kill her for sure? She had taken more than anyone other than him! So yeah that killed the ending for me more than it being open ended in not knowing if Den lives in time for the ambulance to make it.But it's clear in how he looks at them and sees them, he gives a look like "I am done here" and then walks off...Are we supposed to assume he does kill them because it didn't feel that way at all?Cooler ending:Pascal sees her taking more drugs and knowing the second outcome. But she also sees both outcomes, so now because there are two outcomes, they BOTH live out both of them then come back to reality basically knowing "Ok dueling outcomes, let's see which one works." And then go head to head fighting, and Pascal is more focused on her because shes the one all drugged up--- And Den kills Pascal with the knife which he doesn't see coming because in both outcomes he falls in the water, but this time he gets out of the water and kills Pascal.OR, She just sees the outcome and everything plays out like it did, her seeing his moves beforehand, him knowing she knows--- and Pascal killing himself because she tells him you killed people that shouldn't have even died. Either way I think the ending should have happened within one of the scenarios regarding the pool. And I would have liked some kind of explanation on Pascals end as to why he killed everyone instead of just the ones with the drugs. I don't see how there could be a sequel that would work so an open ending was a bad, bad choice.But, overall I went in with little expectation expecting a crappy B horror film with bad acting, and it was actually good acting, good plot and good execution for most of it until the end. So....7/10

Not many look to tell me when I may be overspending - Emma politely nudges / nags me when I spend any money leaves my account but I would like to see PFMs use peer data and comparison to new customer pricing to highlight to me when my bill is high, rather than relying only on renewal date / length of subscription to trigger an alert / present me with Insight. Fintechs like ApTap who focus entirely on Bill Management are starting to tackle this by exploring wider data that can drive insight.

Sha, sha; I tell thee thou art mistaken; I am in no Fever but what proceeds from thy pretty pouting Lips and thou art the best Physician, let me kiss them again; ye, ye, ye, ye, dear soft Charmer, ye, ye.

Nadia was nothing like the racist alumna I met. She was progressive yet refined, open-minded, humble, charming, a wonderful storyteller, and avant-garde. A trailblazer and ride-or-die Wellesley fan, she loved to joke and laugh, thriving on human connection. Nadia was generous with her time, wisdom, and love. Her personal journey affected how she saw the world.

As I rode back in the lonely night, the wind going by me like a restless memory, I thought of this, and feared she was not happy. I was not happy; but, thus far, I had faithfully set the seal upon the past, and, thinking of her, pointing upward, thought of her as pointing to that sky above me, where, in the mystery to come, I might yet love her with a love unknown on earth, and tell her what the strife had been within me when I loved her here. 041b061a72


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