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Teaching Feeling V3.0.22 APK - Free APK Download For Android

If you want to download this game, then you have to search it on a very reliable third-party website. So you can download it from our website. Our website is the best mod APK provider that will provide you with all the mods of the application. You can download the Teaching feeling MOD APK from our website. So do not waste your time searching for it on other websites.

Teaching Feeling v3.0.22 APK - Free APK Download for Android

Download Zip:

Teachers and parents can download the Game for free on Android, iPhone/iPad. After that, they select a difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard) and then can choose an emotion to give one of the faces on the screen. The app will show them what the face looks like with no feelings, and then teachers/parents can tap different areas of the face (mouth, eyes, eyebrows) to make it look different!

They absorb everything around them, good and bad. This includes the way they feel, what they think, and how they act. teaching feeling kids to name their feelings helps them understand themselves better so that they will know what they are feeling and why when something happens in the future.

If your friends are interested in playing teaching feeling then share the link with others. The developer of this game is RYK he is a young programmer. Teaching Feeling Apk Mod is easy to understand you can feel free and enjoy it. 041b061a72


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