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NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory - A New ARPG by Shift Up - Download the CBT Today

Download Nikke The Goddess of Victory CBT: A Guide for Mobile Gamers

If you are a fan of action RPGs with stunning graphics, immersive storylines, and dynamic combat, you might want to check out Nikke The Goddess of Victory, a new mobile game developed by Shift Up, the same studio behind Destiny Child. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Nikke The Goddess of Victory, how to download and play its closed beta test (CBT), and why you should give it a try.

What is Nikke The Goddess of Victory?

A brief introduction to the game and its developer

Nikke The Goddess of Victory is a mobile game that combines action RPG elements with real-time strategy and social simulation. You play as Nikke, a goddess who has lost her memory and power, and must reclaim her throne from the evil forces that have taken over the world. Along the way, you will meet and recruit various characters, each with their own personality, skills, and backstory. You will also build and customize your own base, where you can interact with your allies, craft items, upgrade your equipment, and more.

download nikke the goddess of victory cbt

Download File:

The game is developed by Shift Up, a South Korean company that is known for creating Destiny Child, a popular mobile RPG with over 30 million downloads worldwide. Shift Up is led by Hyung-Tae Kim, a renowned artist and director who has worked on games such as Blade & Soul, Magna Carta, and War of Genesis. Shift Up aims to create high-quality games with captivating visuals, engaging gameplay, and original stories.

The main features and gameplay of Nikke The Goddess of Victory

Nikke The Goddess of Victory boasts several features that make it stand out from other mobile games in the genre. Some of these features are:

  • Stunning graphics: The game uses Unreal Engine 4 to deliver realistic and detailed graphics that rival console games. The characters are designed with expressive animations and facial expressions, while the environments are richly textured and diverse. You can also adjust the graphics settings according to your device's performance.

  • Immersive storyline: The game has a deep and compelling storyline that unfolds through cinematic cutscenes, dialogues, quests, and events. You will experience the emotions, conflicts, and motivations of Nikke and her companions as they fight for their destiny. You will also be able to make choices that affect the outcome of the story and the relationships between the characters.

  • Dynamic combat: The game features fast-paced and fluid combat that requires both skill and strategy. You can control Nikke directly or switch to other characters in your party, each with their own abilities and roles. You can also use various items, skills, combos, and formations to overcome different enemies and situations. The game supports both manual and auto modes for combat.

How to download and play Nikke The Goddess of Victory CBT?

The requirements and eligibility for participating in the CBT

Nikke The Goddess of Victory is currently in its closed beta test phase, which means that only a limited number of players can access the game before its official launch. To participate in the CBT, you need to meet the following requirements and eligibility criteria:

  • Device compatibility: The game is compatible with Android and iOS devices that have at least 3 GB of RAM and run on Android 6.0 or iOS 11.0 or higher. You can check the full list of supported devices on the official website.

  • Region availability: The CBT is open to players from selected regions, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia. You can check the full list of available regions on the official website.

  • Registration and invitation: The CBT is invitation-based, which means that you need to register for the CBT on the official website and wait for an email confirmation with a download link and a verification code. The registration period is from June 15 to June 27, 2023, and the invitations will be sent out on June 28, 2023. The number of invitations is limited, so not everyone who registers will be able to join the CBT.

The steps to download and install the game on Android and iOS devices