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In "Understand," Leon pursues the mise-en-abyme of self-reflexive thought as an aesthetic project that threatens to colonize humanity and homogenize it as a race of cyborgs conscripted into the production of "the ultimate gestalts ... the [merging] of subject and object: the zero experience."69 This is an apt description of melancholy transcendence: the conflation of the "ultimate gestalts" and the "zero experience," of subject and object, of everything and nothing, that results from turning from one of these positions to the other. This also describes a postracial theory that posits race as everything and nothing, subject and object, as well as the constant, cognitive vacillation from one of these positions to the other. "Understand" pushes parabasis to the extremes of self-absorption, and thus implodes in an anti-mimetic agency signaled by the paradox of Leon's statement, "I dissolve": Does he dissolve as he is saying or thinking this, or just after? Is this a performative or constative statement? Saldívar's theorization of postracial fiction would have it that this is, somehow, a performative statement that is homologous, or even identical, to a "content of justice." "Story of Your Life," in contrast, moves beyond the mere description of a paradox in order to perform an agency that at once realizes itself amidst the competition between performance and performativity, subject and object, sequential and simultaneous consciousness, but also realizes that transcending this competition will only return one to it.

Division By Zero Ted Chiang Pdf 26

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